Local Product

These products are produced on farms and rural areas of Mallorca, which are sold only in local shops or markets. We bet on the local product because it is the trademark of the island.

Slow food

Combine this new gastronomic trend and enjoy a relaxed tasting of unique products. Slow food is a way of life on Mallorca and it is a very healthy practice. Mallorca is slow, you want to be slow?

100% Organic

Our products eat from eco friendly sources that do not produce massively so the use of synthetic avoidance of such products as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. This guarantees a safe and secure product.

Quality assurance

Talking about Mallorca speaks of tradition and gastronomic culture, but above all love for things that are well done. We are aware of the natural product and the quality of other more profitable options, so if you buy in Taste of Mallorca, you have a very special product.

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